Emoji Meanings

Conveying your emotions in a tiny expression is what using emojis is all about. But how do you know what the emojis mean, and what is the best way to use them? Let’s dive in to a few emoji meanings!


The Dizzy Emoji! Use this emoji when you are feeling confused, overwhelmed, or just plain silly! Maybe you are dealing with a mountain of homework, someone got kicked off of your favorite reality show, or you are entranced by the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen. The dizzy emoji can portray a lot of emotions in a tiny little face.


The Scrunched Emoji! Use this emoji when you are feeling frustrated or annoyed to the point of tears or screaming. It’s a great way to tell someone that you are not happy with the way the conversation is going, or that they told you something upsetting. The scrunched emoji is always the right choice when words can’t express your disgruntlement.


The Nervous Emoji! Use this emoji when you are feeling anxious, nervous, or high-strung. It can also be used to convey concern about a topic, even if you aren’t particularly nervous about it. The blue hue to the nervous emoji and the little tear drop means that you are in a “cold sweat,” which is something that can occur when you are dreading or panicking about something.

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